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from pandas import *
import numpy as np
from itertools import izip
from pandas.util.testing import rands
import pandas.lib as lib
N = 100000
key1 = [rands(10) for _ in xrange(N)]
key2 = [rands(10) for _ in xrange(N)]
zipped = izip(key1, key2)
def _zip(*args):
arr = np.empty(N, dtype=object)
arr[:] = zip(*args)
return arr
def _zip2(*args):
return lib.list_to_object_array(zip(*args))
index = MultiIndex.from_arrays([key1, key2])
to_join = DataFrame({'j1' : np.random.randn(100000)}, index=index)
data = DataFrame({'A' : np.random.randn(500000),
'key1' : np.repeat(key1, 5),
'key2' : np.repeat(key2, 5)})
# data.join(to_join, on=['key1', 'key2'])
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