merge with empty DataFrame IndexError #1628

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In [1]: from pandas import *

In [2]: a = DataFrame(columns=['column1'], data=[1])

In [3]: b = DataFrame(columns=['column1'])

In [4]: a.merge(b, on=['column1'], how='left')

IndexError                                Traceback (most recent call last)
IndexError: index out of range for array
@wesm wesm closed this in 0da0066 Jul 21, 2012
@yarikoptic yarikoptic added a commit to neurodebian/pandas that referenced this issue Sep 12, 2012
@yarikoptic yarikoptic Merge tag 'v0.8.1' into debian
Version 0.8.1

* tag 'v0.8.1': (126 commits)
  RLS: Version 0.8.1
  DOC: tweak
  DOC: set_index/reset_index examples
  DOC: doc fixes and what's new in 0.8.1, vectorized string methods
  ENH: better string element access/slicing notation close #1656
  DOC: minor additions to release notes for 0.8.1
  BUG: handle Yahoo! finance returning duplicate dates for prev bus day, doc fixes
  BUG: fix windows/32-bit builds
  BUG: get #1620 fix working on python 3
  ENH: handling of UTF-8 strings in DataFrame columns, close #1620
  TST: span unit test #1635
  TST: skip another @network test if no internet connection
  ENH/BUG: handle tz-aware datetime.datetime in to_datetime, add utc=True option to allow conversion to utc, close #1581
  ENH: hack to not compress single group keys, accelerate single-key and Categorical groupby operations
  BUG: fix merge bug with left joins on length-0 DataFrame, close #1628
  BUG: Series.interpolate bug with method='values' and datetime64[ns], close #1646
  BUG: properly handle None values in dict input to concat, close #1649
  BUG: len-0 Series min/max/describe #1650
  Fix describe() failure for None and empty Series.
  BUG: string date aliases now work with tz-aware time series close #1647

Still getting this error on pandas 0.7


Upgrade not possible?

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