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On windows+IDLE 2.7 get_terminal_size() returns default (80,25) #1714

lodagro opened this Issue · 5 comments

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From stackoverflow

Python/IDLE 2.7.3
Pandas 0.8.1
Notepad++ 6.1.4 (UNICODE)
Windows Vista SP2 

Fails to detect the real IDLE display size and returns default (80, 25)
workaround is to use pandas.set_printoptions(max_rows=200, max_columns=10)


Is there any way to get the size of the IDLE window?


It goes wrong in pandas.util.terminal._get_terminal_size_windows()

Below is what it gives in IDLE. res should not be zero, but a tuple holding various terminal info. Because of res being zero default (80, 25) is returned by pandas.util.terminal._get_terminal_size()

>>> from ctypes import windll, create_string_buffer
>>> h = windll.kernel32.GetStdHandle(-12)
>>> csbi = create_string_buffer(22)
>>> res = windll.kernel32.GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(h, csbi)
>>> print res

On the same machine, same python version but running python shell through pylab terminal size detection works fine. I`m not a windows python-user, and i have no immediate answer on how to fix it.


IDLE is not a terminal, so it's not surprising that the Windows console functions (and Linux terminal functions) don't know about it. I expect using the IPython Qt console would have the same result.


Tried IDLE on linux, get_terminal_size() reports the size of the terminal where IDLE was launched. Which is the same behavior as the ipython notebook.


@lodagro , is there a way to detect running under IDLE similarly to recent qtconsole work?

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