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BUG: HDFStore fixes #2675

merged 10 commits into from Jan 20, 2013

3 participants

jreback commented Jan 10, 2013
  • shape attribute on GenericStorer returns tuple correctly now (not string)
  • data_orientation was potentitally returning non-ints in a tuple (fixed downstream), fixes GH #2671, though fixed downstream anyhow
  • fix for contains with a non-natural name (GH #2694 )
  • added ability to read generic PyTables flavor tables
  • added PerformanceWarning to trigger on putting of non-endemic types (only on Storers)
  • correctly store float32 dtypes (when not-mixed with float64, otherwise converted)
  • can close GH #1985 as well
jreback added some commits Jan 10, 2013
@jreback jreback BUG: shape attribute on GenericStorer returns tuple correctly now (no…
…t string)

     data_orientation was potentitally returning non-ints in a tuple (fixed downstream)
@jreback jreback BUG: fix for GH #2694 (natural naming issue on __contains__) 50eb561
@jreback jreback ENH: added ability to read in generic PyTables flavor tables to allow…
… compatiblity between other HDF5 systems
@jreback jreback ENH: allow tables to be specified w/o using 'table' under the group n…
…ode (only for GenericTable)
@jreback jreback DOC: doc updates for external compatibility 71d5151
@jreback jreback BUG: reading non-well formed generic_tables not working (e.g. detecto…
…r/readout), where readout is a table

     added pytables_native2.h5 for testing

BUG: force travis to rebuild

BUG: fix travis build 2
@jreback jreback BUG: hopefully fixed factor_indexer in; failed on 32-bit p…
@jreback jreback ENH/DOC: added PerformanceWarning which will trigger on putting a non…
…-endemic type

         fixed legacy_0.10.h5 issues with docs (finding file)
@wesm wesm added a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 20, 2013
@wesm wesm Merge PR #2675 e6e7c0f
@wesm wesm merged commit cadca37 into pydata:master Jan 20, 2013
Python for Data member
wesm commented Jan 20, 2013

thanks jeff much appreciated as always


Thanks jreback, float32s were on my wishlist :)

I would like to get started contributing especially in
the pytables integration area. Is there a roadmap or some type
of docs other than source for

jreback commented Jan 24, 2013

great 2 hear!

issue #2391 is an older list of todos

a couple of possibilities:

real dtype integration is coming on PR #2708 (eg even though 0.10.1 will actually read/write float32 columns u can't really do much with them w/o having them upcasted) - in any event I think HDFStore will accommodate this already

one big area is to test whether data columns really are slower; it thus may make sense to make data columns = True the default (but not necessarily index them)

are u familiar with R? I think could make export a bit easier (there is a section in docs, but maybe a dedicated option. / function)

have some more thoughts but maybe will start a new issue

jreback commented Jan 24, 2013

I updated #2391 with some ideas....feel free to suggest based on your use cases...

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