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The PyData Sphinx Theme

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A clean, three-column, Bootstrap-based Sphinx theme by and for the PyData community.

Example documentation with this theme

Installation and usage

The theme is available on PyPI and conda-forge. You can install and use as follows:

  • Install the pydata-sphinx-theme in your doc build environment:

    pip install pydata-sphinx-theme
    # or
    conda install pydata-sphinx-theme --channel conda-forge
  • Then, in the of your sphinx docs, you update the html_theme configuration option:

    html_theme = "pydata_sphinx_theme"

And that's it!

Note This theme may not work with the latest major versions of Sphinx, especially if they have only recently been released. Please give us a few months of time to work out any bugs and changes when new releases are made. See our contributing documentation for more information.

Contribute to and develop the theme

Contributions are very welcome! Installing the development version, building the example docs and developing the css/js of the theme, etc, is explained in more detail in the contributing section of the documentation: