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0.5.0 / 2018-10-12

  • Added COO.real, COO.imag, and COO.conj (:pr:`196`).
  • Added sparse.kron function (:pr:`194`, :pr:`195`).
  • Added order parameter to COO.reshape to make it work with np.reshape (:pr:`193`).
  • Added COO.mean and sparse.nanmean (:pr:`190`).
  • Added sparse.full and sparse.full_like (:pr:`189`).
  • Added COO.clip method (:pr:`185`).
  • Added COO.copy method, and changed pickle of COO to not include its cache (:pr:`184`).
  • Added sparse.eye, sparse.zeros, sparse.zeros_like, sparse.ones, and sparse.ones_like (:pr:`183`).

0.4.1 / 2018-09-12

  • Allow mixed ndarray-COO operations if the result is sparse (:issue:`124`, via :pr:`182`).
  • Allow specifying a fill-value when converting from NumPy arrays (:issue:`179`, via :pr:`180`).
  • Added COO.any and COO.all methods (:pr:`175`).
  • Indexing for COO now accepts a single one-dimensional array index (:pr:`172`).
  • The fill-value can now be something other than zero or False (:pr:`165`).
  • Added a sparse.roll function (:pr:`160`).
  • Numba code now releases the GIL. This leads to better multi-threaded performance in Dask (:pr:`159`).
  • A number of bugs occurred, so to resolve them, COO.coords.dtype is always np.int64. COO, therefore, uses more memory than before (:pr:`158`).
  • Add support for saving and loading COO files from disk (:issue:`153`, via :pr:`154`).
  • Support COO.nonzero and np.argwhere (:issue:`145`, via :pr:`148`).
  • Allow faux in-place operations (:issue:`80`, via :pr:`146`).
  • COO is now always canonical (:pr:`141`).
  • Improve indexing performance (:pr:`128`).
  • Improve element-wise performance (:pr:`127`).
  • Reductions now support a negative axis (:issue:`117`, via :pr:`118`).
  • Match behaviour of ufunc.reduce from NumPy (:issue:`107`, via :pr:`108`).

0.3.1 / 2018-04-12

0.3.0 / 2018-02-22

  • Add NaN-skipping aggregations (:pr:`102`).
  • Add equivalent to np.where (:pr:`102`).
  • N-input universal functions now work (:pr:`98`).
  • Make dot more consistent with NumPy (:pr:`96`).
  • Create a base class SparseArray (:pr:`92`).
  • Minimum NumPy version is now 1.13 (:pr:`90`).
  • Fix a bug where setting a DOK element to zero did nothing (:issue:`93`, via :pr:`94`).

0.2.0 / 2018-01-25

  • Support faster np.array(COO) (:pr:`87`).
  • Add DOK type (:pr:`85`).
  • Fix sum for large arrays (:issue:`82`, via :pr:`83`).
  • Support .size and .density (:pr:`69`).
  • Documentation added for the package (:pr:`43`).
  • Minimum required SciPy version is now 0.19 (:pr:`70`).
  • len(COO) now works (:pr:`68`).
  • scalar op COO now works for all operators (:pr:`67`).
  • Validate axes for .transpose() (:pr:`61`).
  • Extend indexing support (:pr:`57`).
  • Add random function for generating random sparse arrays (:pr:`41`).
  • COO(COO) now copies the original object (:pr:`55`).
  • NumPy universal functions and reductions now work on COO arrays (:pr:`49`).
  • Fix concatenate and stack for large arrays (:issue:`32`, via :pr:`51`).
  • Fix nnz for scalars (:issue:`47`, via :pr:`48`).
  • Support more operators and remove all special cases (:pr:`46`).
  • Add support for triu and tril (:pr:`40`).
  • Add support for Ellipsis (...) and None when indexing (:pr:`37`).
  • Add support for bitwise bindary operations like & and | (:pr:`38`).
  • Support broadcasting in element-wise operations (:pr:`35`).