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PyDelhi Website

Official website of PyDelhi - Python Delhi User Group.


There are multiple ways you can contibute to this website.

  • Add missing documentation.
  • Add/improve design and asthetics of website.
  • Report bugs.
  • Request/Ask/Submit new features.

Use github's pull-request/issues feature, or our mailing-list, whichever works the best.

Hosting new things(sub-site) under banner of

The homepage or you can say root of the is always going to be simple static html hosted on Github.

  • Get a repository created under pydelhi github organisation, you need to publish gh-pages branch in that repo. After which, the content in that branch will automatically available at<repo_name>.
  • If that sub-site requires, dynamic content you are encouraged to create/host json api on the platform/language of your choice.
  • If the purpose is still not solved, shout out in the mailing-list for an independent sub-domain under along with CNAME/A record details, anyone with access to's DNS will be able to you help you out. The source code of the application, must be published under open-source license under pydelhi github oranization.
  • Send a pull request to add link/reference to the new thing that you created at


See:, it follows the guidelines from