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Pydicom Docs with Sphinx

The documentation at pydicom/doc will be automatically built and generated with continuous integration, via the circle.yml. However, if you have need to test locally, you may not want to install dependencies. Here we are providing a simple Dockerfile to build an image that you can use to generate the docs. First, build the basic image:

cd pydicom-docs
docker build -t pydicom/pydicom-docs .

Next, cd back into the pydicom repo base (clone it first if you don't have it). We want to mount from here.

cd pydicom
docker run --volume $PWD:/data -it pydicom/pydicom-docs

Then you can build the docs:

cd doc && make html

You should then be able to cd into _build/html on your local machine and preview with your webserver of choice

cd doc/_build/html
python -m http.server 9999

Then open your browser to

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