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This is the main source code repository of Pydio (formerly AjaXplorer), containing all the PHP server and HTML5 Web GUI.
-* Latest Stable release : 6.4.1
+* Latest Stable release : 6.4.2
* Latest Dev release : 6.3.1 (was RC for Pydio 6.4)
* License: [AGPLv3](
* Lead developer : Charles du Jeu (cdujeu): [Github]( | [Twitter](
@@ -20,6 +20,31 @@ Please DO NOT send emails to Charles, but use the forum located on https://pydio
### How to contribute / Developer Resources
+#### Setting up your dev environment
+Pydio 7 requires **PHP5.6** and upper.
+The web root of the application is located in ***core/src/***. Create a virtual host to point to this folder, set up your webserver to use index.php as default page. This is generally done by default.
+Pydio uses Composer and NPM to manage dependencies respectively in PHP and JS. It uses Grunt to build javascript sources. In order to start Pydio locally after a fresh `git clone`, you will first have to run these tools in both the core and in many plugins.
+ - First install Composer (see and NPM (
+ - Install Grunt globally by running `npm install -g grunt-cli``
+ - Inside the core folder (under webroot, i.e. core/src/core/ from root of git repository), run `composer install`
+ - For each plugin that contains a composer.json file, run `composer install` as well.
+ - For each plugin tat contains a package.json file, run
+ - `npm install`
+ - `grunt`
+On a unix-based machine, this can be achieved by the following command (from the webroot directory):
+find . -maxdepth 5 -name Gruntfile.js -execdir bash -c "npm install && grunt" \;
+find . -maxdepth 5 -name composer.json -execdir composer install \;
+You should be good to go. When modifying JS files that require transpilation, there is generally a `grunt watch` task available to automatically run grunt on each file change.
#### Coding guidelines
To enforce some coding standards, please run scripts in

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