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Contributing to doit


If you find issues using doit please report at github issues.

All issues should contain a sample minimal and the used command line to reproduce the problem.


Please ask question in the discussion forum or on StackOverflow using tag doit.

Do not use the github issue tracker to ask questions!

doit has extensive online documentation please read the docs!

When asking a question it is appreciated if you introduce yourself, also mention how long are you using doit and using it for what.

A good question with a code example greatly increases the chance of it getting a reply.

Unless you are looking for paid support, do not send private emails to the project maintainer.

feature request

Users are expected to implement new features themselves. You are welcome to add a request on github tracker but if you are not willing to spend your time on it, probably nobody else will...

Before you start implementing anything it is a good idea to discuss its implementation in the discussion forum.