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Declare what exceptions are raised by a couple routines.

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@@ -681,6 +681,9 @@ def create_index(self, index, settings=None, query_params=None):
:arg index: The name of the index to create
:arg settings: A dictionary of settings
+ If the index already exists, raise
+ :class:`~pyelasticsearch.exceptions.IndexAlreadyExistsError`.
See `ES's create-index API`_ for more detail.
.. _`ES's create-index API`:
@@ -696,6 +699,9 @@ def delete_index(self, index, query_params=None):
:arg index: An index or iterable thereof to delete
+ If the index is not found, raise
+ :class:`~pyelasticsearch.exceptions.ElasticHttpNotFoundError`.
See `ES's delete-index API`_ for more detail.
.. _`ES's delete-index API`:

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