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-### pyenv _does_
+### pyenv _does..._
* Let you **change the global Python version** on a per-user basis.
* Provide support for **per-project Python versions**.
@@ -18,6 +18,21 @@ This project was forked from [rbenv]( and
* Search commands from **multiple versions of Python at a time**.
This may be helpful to test across Python versions with [tox](
+### In contrast with pythonbrew and pythonz, pyenv _does not..._
+* **Depending on Python itself.** pyenv was made from pure shell scripts.
+ There is no bootstrap problem of Python.
+* **Need to be loaded into your shell.** Instead, pyenv's shim
+ approach works by adding a directory to your `$PATH`.
+* **Have a configuration file.** There's nothing to configure except
+ which version of Python you want to use.
+* **Manage virtualenv.** Of course, you can create [virtualenv](
+ yourself, or [python-virtualenv](
+ to automate the process.
+* **Prompt you with warnings when you switch to a project.** Instead
+ of executing arbitrary code, pyenv reads just the version name
+ from each project. There's nothing to "trust."
## Table of Contents
* [1 How It Works](#section_1)

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