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Bundled Code for LAGA and VAGC

This directory constains bundled code for Linear and Geometric Algebra and Vector and Geometric Calculus by Alan Macdonald:

From GAlgebraPrimer.pdf: This fi le is distributed with GAlgebra. It contains code to create many different geometric algebras, including g3 and all others used in this document, as well as others not covered here: homogeneous, spacetime, and conformal algebras.



Notebooks. GAlgebra works in Jupyter (formerly IPython) and Jupyter Lab notebooks. Output is typeset in beautiful LaTeX. A Jupyter notebook to accompany the new Chapter 10 is available here. (If the file opens in your browser, save it under the name cm3.ipynb".)


The code included in GAlgebra has some small adjustments to the original code by Alan Macdonald, for compatibility with Python 3 and installation from pip.

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