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General improvement to the C/C++ lexer #1350

merged 32 commits into from
May 22, 2020


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@hgruniaux hgruniaux commented Jan 5, 2020

Improve the Pygments C and C++ lexer. This include adding new features, and correcting olders.


  • Add support for hexadecimal floating-point literals (C99 and C++17) (e.g. 0x1.2p3)

  • Add support for decimal separators in literals (C++14, but implemented in C lexer too) (e.g. 341'658'362)
    Decimal separators have been added to the generic C lexer, so C also have this functionality
    even if it is not in the C specification.

  • Correct integer suffixes. Now only two 'l' (lower or upper cased), and one 'u' (lower or upper cased)
    are matched. So 1234uuuuuuuu is no longer valid.

  • Add support for _Alignas, _Alignof, _Noreturn, _Generic, _Thread_local, _Static_assert, _Imaginary, _Atomic (C99, C11).

  • Add keywords macro to C lexer (e.g. complex, imaginary, noreturn, alignas, etc...)

  • Add support for binary integer literals (C++14) (e.g. 0b11001)
    Binary literals have been added to the generic C lexer, so C also have this functionality
    even if it is not in the C specification.

  • Move _Bool and _Complex from generic C lexer to C lexer (C++ do not have them).

  • Correct floating-point literal suffix, now l and f both works.
    Previously, even u was recognized as a valid suffix.

  • Correct hexadecimal integer literal prefix, now 0XFF works.
    Previously, only 0x (lowercase) worked as a hexadecimal prefix.

  • Identifiers following concept (C++20), enum, struct, union, class and typename, are now recognized as class names.
    Previously, only identifiers following class worked in C++.

  • Add C11 atomic types from standard library highlighting (e.g. atomic_uint8).
    Like C99 standard types, C11 atomic types are only highlighted when the c11highlighting property is True (default).

  • Add support for u'a', U'a', and u8'a' (before only L'a' was supported).
    Reference (C++).
    Reference (C).

  • Add support for $ (dollar sign) in identifiers.
    This is a language extension supported by GCC, Clang, MSVC, and probably many others.

  • Add _Pragma keyword to generic C lexer.

  • Add Unicode string literals to C (e.g. u8"a", u"a" or U"a").
    Before they were only supported for C++.

  • Add support for Universal Character Names (UCNs)

  • - is now highlighted as number in front of numeric literals (e.g. -9.56 is highlighted as a number, the - included).


hgruniaux and others added 3 commits January 5, 2020 22:18
Add '_Imaginary', '_Static_assert', '_Atomic' keywords.
Add support for C11 atomic types `atomic_*`.
pygments/lexers/ Show resolved Hide resolved
hgruniaux and others added 17 commits January 6, 2020 12:33
Fix bad highlighting for `5.`, where `.` was not highlighted.
Hexadecimal floating point literals needs an exponent (`0x5p8`). Before this commit, event floating-point literals without an exponent were accepted (e.g. `0x5.5`).
Some old C/C++ compilers have supported `$` (dollar sign) in identifiers, and some news continue to support this for legacy reasons. That is, some codes may use them, and it is therefore preferable to color them correctly.
- Add '_Pragma' keyword
- Recognize the identifier following 'typename' as Name.Class
- Do not tokenize 'class' or 'struct' following 'enum' as Name.Class, but instead as Keyword (C++ lexer)
- Move some C++ keywords to the generic lexer (`alignas`, `alignof`, etc...)
- Add some C keywords (`noreturn`, `imaginary`, `complex`)
- And others things...
Now `class`, `struct`, `enum`, `union`, etc... can be used alone. Previously, the lexer do not recognizes them if they are not followed by an identifier. This regression was introduced in pygments@013bf6a by me.
Some lexers depends on the old states names (e.g. `classname` state) to works. This commit, reintroduce these old names.
@hgruniaux hgruniaux requested a review from Anteru January 6, 2020 19:07
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Anteru commented Mar 2, 2020

Thanks a lot for this huge PR -- one question before I assign this to a milestone. There are a few TODO items left, are you planning to work on those as well or should I merge it as-is and leave those open for a future PR?

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Contributor Author

Hi ! I will try to finish the few remaining TODO items, and I will keep you informed when this is over or when I have forsaken.

@Anteru Anteru modified the milestones: 2.6, 2.7 Mar 5, 2020
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Anteru commented Mar 5, 2020

Perfect. I'm going to cut off 2.6 this week, so I'm targeting this at 2.7. Please take your time to fix this, and thanks a lot for your contribution!

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Contributor Author

This pull request is finished, the remaining TODOs will not be completed, or at least not by me or not in this specific pull-request. So you can merge in the main branch if you want.

Thank you in advance.

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