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#The Pyi Framework

Hello, World!

This is the Pyi Framework (pronounced Pi, as in 3.14 Pi). The Pyi Framework is open source, simple, and fast.

Pyi lets you create and edit multiple pages of a website by editing just one file, or an easy to control set of files. No more tedious updates or repeated code, and no more clunky CMS when you just need something simple and lightweight.

Read more about the Pyi Framework in the Documentation (/docs/index.php).

#v1.2.0 Roadmap Fix CSS3 shield logo height.
Move the php code that is at the beginning of every page to its own file for easier editing.
Define php include file paths in a simpler way.

#CURRENT VERSION - v1.1.0 Updated: July 19 2015

The Pyi Framework is fully HTML5 and CSS3 compliant.
Validated with the W3C Validation Service.


Featured Site:

Pyi Framework: Twitter: @PyiFramework

Author: Kevin Pybus - Twitter: @KevinPybus

#Version 1.1.0 Changelog: Added a standard meta viewport to /inc/header.php for basic mobile support out of the box.
Declared charset in /inc/header.php for W3C HTML5 validity.
Added alt tag to the default Pyi Framework logo.
Changed all text sizes to em in the default CSS.
Set typical browser default values for p, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tags in the default CSS.
Fixed a typo in the CSS mark tag background-color attribute.
Validated all files with the W3C Validation Service. Pyi is fully HTML5 and CSS3 compliant.
Added top and bottom borders to the default navigation CSS.
Removed all "This is an example [x]. You can edit this file in [x]" text.
Removed all fixed width attributes to make the default theme more responsive and mobile friendly.
Removed all fixed height attributes to make the default theme more responsive and mobile friendly.
Cleaned up and restyled the default top navigation.
Optimized all images (all 3 of them).
Turned the default wrapper CSS classes into id's like they should be.
Added HTML5 and CSS3 shield logos to /inc/footer.php since the Pyi Framework is 100% compliant.
Made the default theme as responsive as possible without adding media queries.

#Version 1.1.0 Known Issues: The CSS3 logo is not the same height as the HTML5 logo (it really is but the image itself has a small transparent border). - Solution: The image needs to be edited, optimized, and replaced.

#v1.0.0 Original Commit: July 14 2015