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@matysek matysek released this · 518 commits to develop since this release

User-visible Changes

  • Rewritten manual explaining even very basic topics.
  • PyInstaller integration with setuptools (direct installation with easy_install or pip from PYPI - After installation there will be available command 'pyinstaller' for PyInstaller usage.
  • (Windows) Alter --version-file resource format to allow unicode support.
  • (Windows) Fix running frozen app running from paths containing foreign characters.
  • (Windows) Fix running PyInstaller from paths containing foreign characters.
  • (OSX) Implement --icon option for the .app bundles.
  • (OSX) Add argv emulation for OpenDocument AppleEvent (see manual for details).
  • Rename --buildpath to --workpath.
  • Created app is put to --distpath.
  • All temporary work files are now put to --workpath.
  • Add option --clean to remove PyInstaller cache and temporary files.
  • Add experimental support for Linux arm.
  • Minimum suported Python version is 2.4.
  • Add import hooks for docutils, jinja2, sphinx, pytz, idlelib, sqlite3.
  • Add import hooks for IPython, Scipy, pygst, Python for .NET.
  • Add import hooks for PyQt5, Bacon, raven.
  • Fix django import hook to work with Django 1.4.
  • Add rthook for twisted, pygst.
  • Add rthook for pkg_resource. It fixes the following functions for frozen app pkg_resources.resource_stream(), pkg_resources.resource_string().
  • Better support for pkg_resources (.egg manipulation) in frozen executables.
  • Add option --runtime-hook to allow running custom code from frozen app before loading other Python from the frozen app. This is usefull for some specialized preprocessing just for the frozen executable. E.g. this option can be used to set SIP api v2 for PyQt4.

Internal Stuff

  • Fix runtime option --Wignore.
  • Rename utils to lowercase:,,,,,,
  • (OSX) Fix missing qt_menu.nib in dist directory when using PySide.
  • (OSX) Fix bootloader compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5
  • (OSX) Search libpython in DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH if libpython cannot be found.
  • (OSx) Fix Python library search in virtualenv.
  • Environment variable PYTHONHOME is now unset and path to python home is set in bootloader by function Py_SetPythonHome().This overrides sys.prefix and sys.exec_prefix for frozen application.
  • Python library filename (e.g. python27.dll,, etc) is embedded to the created exe file. Bootloader is not trying several filenames anymore.
  • Frozen executables now use PEP-302 import hooks to import frozen modules and C extensions. (sys.meta_path)
  • Drop old import machinery from
  • Drop own code to import modules from zip archives (.egg files) in frozen executales. Native Python implementation is kept unchanged.
  • Drop old crypto code. This feature was never completed.
  • Drop bootloader dependency on Python headers for compilation.
  • (Windows) Recompile bootloaders with VS2008 to ensure win2k compatibility.
  • (Windows) Use 8.3 filenames for homepath/temppath.
  • Add prefix LOADER to the debug text from bootloader.
  • Allow running PyInstaller programatically.
  • Move/Rename some files, code refactoring.
  • Add more tests.
  • Tilde is in PyInstaller recognized as $HOME variable.


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