Recipe Grab Window Focus

ProjectThreepio edited this page Jun 8, 2017 · 2 revisions

Single-file noconsole executables have a problem where the main window doesn't have focus. I've found that if you call this function from your tkinter dialog code, your script's dialogs will be focused.

There are a few things to note--the time.sleep call is almost certainly a kludge, but it appears the GUI thread must be blocked for a bit in order for this to work. Also, Popen must be used instead of call, I believe because the external script must still be running when the function returns. Other things, like using start /min are just my attempt to make a minimally-visible helper window, since hidden windows failed to set window focus when I tried.

This is tested only on Windows/py3.4, there are definitely portability issues here.

def grab_focus():
    with open(vbscript_file, "w") as vbs_script:
        vbs_script.write("CreateObject(\"\").appactivate WScript.Arguments.Item(0)\n")
    arg_list=["start","/min","","cscript.exe", VBScriptFile, str(pid)]
    subprocess.Popen(arg_list, shell=True)
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