Trac Ticket Migration

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This page describes some details about the migration process and related issues.

  • Script that was used for ticket migration:

  • It was not possible to preserve the original date or map all users to github. In every migrated ticket you will find items Original Date and Original Reporter:

Original date: 2013/12/22 Original reporter: UsuallyUserName

* Github user **pyinstaller-tickets-migration** is the account that was used for migrating tickets. This user account is the author of Issues/Comments that were not mapped to github logins.
* Github handles pull requests and issues in the same ID space:
  * PyInstaller already has **156** pull requests.
  * Only tickets with ID **157+** will be preserved.
  * Tickets with lower IDs will be also migrated but their ID will be different.
  * The IDs in commit messages for ID 1-156 won't point to the correct issue.

## Trac ID Mapping Table
Table with old ticket IDs in Trac and their new ID in github issues.

<tr><th>Trac ID</th><th>Github ID</th></tr>

## Holes in ID Range
Due spam Trac continues some ranges of IDs without issues. For this case were created empty issues on github.

<tr><th>ID Range</th></tr>
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