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brejoc commented Jun 7, 2013

Make sure users can determine which local shell is used when executing commands.

Was: Only Bash as shell?

I've only had a quick peek at the code, but I think the bash shell is hardcoded in the runner. Would be nice to let the user define the the shell in, since some shells don't share the same syntax.


That's totally on the roadmap, yea. I'll mutate this issue's title/desc to reflect that it's an intended line item, so to speak :) Thanks!


N.B. this is only hardcoded in one spot, invoke/; it shows up in our vendorized pexpect but all of those bash mentions are in docstrings, so not a problem.

brejoc commented Jun 17, 2013

Yes, that was the place I saw it. The best place to make this editable would be the in my opinion. What do you think? Just like make does it:

SHELL := /bin/bash

I've been working up to actual config, my general idea is like so:

  • Bottom level is a run kwarg, like echo and friends, so it can be overridden per-execute in any use case.
  • Mid level is a Context object which acts as a config holder & allows one to pass configs around.
    • This is implemented, though the "edit it at the Python level" angle isn't beautiful - it's just dict attributes on Context objects, and I need to figure out how best to 'merge' CLI level settings (below) with in-task-module settings (what you want).
  • Top level is CLI options, i.e. inv --shell=/bin/zsh mytask. These require use of contextualized tasks to take effect - again see echo.

Adding a CLI flag is easy, just follow #32 / #27 re: --echo; having a useful task-module-level way of merging stuff might need more thinking.

@bitprophet bitprophet added the Feature label Aug 25, 2014

Ran into an internal need for this in #152 (see final comment), so, poking now.

The tl;dr of current state of this issue:

  • Configuration has been in for a long time now (this ticket is old) so not a problem
  • PTY-driven run sets its own shell, which is /bin/bash, so that's easily updated
  • non-PTY-driven run uses subprocess' own hardcoded default, /bin/sh, but that should be overrideable via the executable kwarg
@bitprophet bitprophet added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 20, 2016
@bitprophet bitprophet DDD, TDD re #67 0e5c8c3
@bitprophet bitprophet added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 20, 2016
@bitprophet bitprophet Implement #67 c82872d

All done. Simply configure via any config method, or say run('command', shell='/bin/fish') or whatnot at runtime.

@bitprophet bitprophet closed this Mar 20, 2016

Great, thank you @bitprophet!
(Didn't you want to add it to the 0.12.3 milestone?)

frol commented Apr 11, 2016

Just for your info, the implementation of this feature breaks Invoke on Windows: #345.

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