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We have different audiences that use the Pyjs website, e.g.

  1. Visitors (first time visitors, technical managers / decision takers)
  2. Users (developers, people that simply use Pyjs, looking for help)
  3. Contributors (developers that contribute to the project, or plan to do that)

We should give them quick and straight-forward access to information they need from the Pyjs website.

Proposed solution:

Content Matrix Information Architecture

First dimension: (horizontal menu)

  1. About Pyjs
  2. Documentation
  3. Development

Second dimension: (vertical (sub)menus)

  1. About Pyjs
    1. About (Home)
    2. Overview
    3. Features
    4. Translator
    5. Download
    6. Getting Help
  2. Documentation
    1. Examples
    2. UI Hierarchy
    3. API Docs
    4. Pyjs Book
  3. Development
    1. Develop
    2. Deploy
    3. Optimize
    4. Contribute
    5. Roadmap

Something like that... Comments welcome!


A clear information structure should make a FAQ page unnecessary. FAQs from the old website (covering recurring questions on the mailing list) should be integrated into the website well.

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