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from pyjamas.ui.Composite import Composite
from pyjamas import DeferredCommand
from SchoolCalendarService import SchoolCalendarService
from DynaTableWidget import DynaTableWidget
from Person import Person
from Student import Student
from Professor import Professor
class CalendarProvider:
def __init__(self, owner):
self.owner = owner
self.calService = SchoolCalendarService()
self.lastStartRow = -1
self.lastMaxRows = -1
self.lastPeople = []
def updateRowData(self, startRow, maxRows, acceptor):
if startRow == self.lastStartRow:
if maxRows == self.lastMaxRows:
self.pushResults(acceptor, startRow, self.lastPeople)
handler = CalendarProviderHandler(self, acceptor, startRow, maxRows)
self.calService.getPeople(startRow, maxRows, handler)
def pushResults(self, acceptor, startRow, people):
rows = []
for person in people:
rows.append([person.getName(), person.getDescription(), person.getSchedule(self.owner.daysFilter)])
acceptor.accept(startRow, rows)
class CalendarProviderHandler:
def __init__(self, owner, acceptor, startRow, maxRows):
self.owner = owner
self.acceptor = acceptor
self.startRow = startRow
self.maxRows = maxRows
def onRemoteResponse(self, response, requestInfo):
people = response
self.owner.lastStartRow = self.startRow
self.owner.lastMaxRows = self.maxRows
self.owner.lastPeople = people
self.owner.pushResults(self.acceptor, self.startRow, people)
def onRemoteError(self, code, message, request):
class SchoolCalendarWidget(Composite):
def __init__(self, visibleRows):
columns = ["Name", "Description", "Schedule"]
styles = ["name", "desc", "sched"]
self.calProvider = CalendarProvider(self)
self.daysFilter = [True, True, True, True, True, True, True]
self.pendingRefresh = False
self.dynaTable = DynaTableWidget(self.calProvider, columns, styles, visibleRows)
def getDayIncluded(self, day):
return self.daysFilter[day]
def onLoad(self):
def setDayIncluded(self, day, included):
if (self.daysFilter[day] == included):
self.daysFilter[day] = included
if not self.pendingRefresh:
self.pendingRefresh = True
def execute(self):
self.pendingRefresh = False
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