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import sys
import os
from pyjs.runners import RunnerManager
#TODO: very ugly to self-import and setattr(self) ... remove ASAP!
import pyjd
pyjdversion = %r
pyjdinitpth = %r
_manager = RunnerManager()
for key, value in _manager._conf.iteritems():
setattr(pyjd, key, value)
#TODO: perm delete ASAP unless someone claims use; disable for now
#sys.path = [os.path.join(pyjdinitpth, 'pygtkweb', 'library')] + sys.path
sys.path += [os.path.join(pyjdinitpth, 'library')]
add_setup_callback = _manager.add_setup_listener
setup = _manager.setup
run =
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