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from pyjamas.ui.Sink import Sink, SinkInfo
from pyjamas.ui.HTML import HTML
class Info(Sink):
def __init__(self):
text="<div class='infoProse'>This is the Kitchen Sink sample. "
text+="It demonstrates many of the widgets in the Google Web Toolkit."
text+="<p>This sample also demonstrates something else really useful in GWT: "
text+="history support. "
text+="When you click on a link at the left, the location bar will be "
text+="updated with the current <i>history token</i>, which keeps the app "
text+="in a bookmarkable state. The back and forward buttons work properly "
text+="as well. Finally, notice that you can right-click a link and 'open "
text+="in new window' (or middle-click for a new tab in Firefox).</p></div>"
self.initWidget(HTML(text, True))
def onShow(self):
def init():
return SinkInfo("Info", "Introduction to the Kitchen Sink.", Info)
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