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Lead Developer
2006-2007: James Tauber -
2008-2009: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <>
Other Commmitters
Willie Gollino -
Dobes Vandermeer -
Bernd Dorn - <>
Luis Pamirez
Erik Westra - ewestra [at] gmail [dot] com
Jurgen Kartnaller - <>
Daniel Carvalho - <>
Tobias Weber - <>
Daniel Popowich - <>
Lex Berezhny - <>
Pascal Chambon - <>
Sarvi Shanmugham - <>
Other Contributors
Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado -
Gerard Labadie -
Stephan Diehl -
John Lehman -
G Clinch
Kees Bos
Oisin Mulvihill
Ondrej Certik
Laszlo Krekacs -
Stefan Schwarzer - <>
Radoslav Kirov
Beni Kerniavsky
Henk Punt
Mathias Waack - <>
Guenter Walser - <>
Martin Blais - <>
Scott Graham
Nick - <>
Hackadelic -
Yi Choong -
Catalin Patulea - <>
JJ Kunce (
Alexei Sokolov
Carl Roach <>
Sujan Shakya
Klavdij Voncina <>
Scott Koranda
Phil Hands
jordonwii (
Carlos Saraiva
Rich Newpol
Marcus Brinkmann <>
Chris Fraschetti (
Pavel Mironchyk <>
Cedric Gestes <>
Bill Winder <>
Niki Spahiev
flerda (
Davorin Kunstelj (
Russell Yanofsky <>
fukazawa (
Glenn Washburn <>
Daniel Gerber <>
Angelo Motolla <>
C Anthony Risinger <>
Serge Tarkovski <>
Edwin Cox
Henning Schroeder <>
Stolati <>
Waldemar Kornewald <>
Alex Tsepkov
Daniel Kluev <>
Scott Scites <>
Mickael Kerbrat <>
Phil Charlesworth <>
Karl Voigtland <>
James Hedley <>
Daniel Hopkins <>
Bob Hampton <>
João Ventura <>
Billy Earney <>
Alok Parlikar <>
Erik gets a special mention for the contribution of the "Showcase".
Luis did the porting of gtk to pyjamas: I'm sorry we haven't had time
to reincorporate it into pyjamas 0.4 or above yet, Luis! It'll happen
eventually (nearly there, luis, I promise!)
Bernd's work on the core python compiler has been absolutely invaluable.
G Clinch ported the DisclosurePanel from GWT
Kees Boss originally added multiple inheritance support and has just gone mad
with the python-esque improvements ever since.
Laszlo Krekacs has been adding little bits of language support, and also
ported Toggle, Custom and Push buttons from GWT 1.6
Stefan is a recent contributor since Europython and has been adding
"formal correctness" patches that are more in line with python 2.5 and 2.6
and python coding standards.
Radoslav created a couple of examples, lightout and processingjs
James - thank you for kick-starting this project.
Henk Punt, for pyjd/ - this saved an enormous dependency
(pywin32, at 5mb) for the MSHTML port.
Scott Graham for the work in Skulpt on the parser/translator
And of course, a huge amount of thanks goes to Google and the engineers
there that produced GWT, on which pyjamas is originally based.