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These are a set of examples of pyjamas. Many are direct ports of GWT examples.
To get started, cd into helloworld and look at the README there.
Then you can try out the other examples to get a feel for how pyjamas works.
To build all examples, either execute 'python .' or 'python examples' from
the pyjamas root. To build a specific example, execute 'python dirname'
(or 'python example/dirname' from the pyjamas root).
If you've got a python version older than 2.6, you'll have to add
'/' to the command (e.g. 'python ./')
The examples in this directory should be runnable right away (after
compiling of course) from an apache server (some need some apache
In the misc directory you'll find examples that need additional steps
(e.g. setting up a server) or are more for displaying certain
coding/compiling features than showing some ui related features.
In the deprecated directory contains examples that are not maintained