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from UnitTest import UnitTest
from ClassTest import PassMeAClass
from ClassTest import ExampleChildClass
from ClassTest import ExampleMultiSuperclassParent1
import Factory2
import imports.decors # must be in this form
import imports.enum.Late
class Handler:
def __init__(self, x):
self._x = x
def handle(self, y):
return self._x is y
class Callable(object):
def __call__(self):
return 5
def aProcedure():
x = 1
if x is 2:
# a return statement which is not reached
return "something"
#this is a comment
def aFunctionWithOnlyDoc():
"""Only a doc string"""
def aFunctionReturningNone():
return None
def aFunctionReturningParam(param):
return param
def aFunctionReturningFunction():
return aFunctionReturningParam
def aFunctionReturningGlobalX1():
return x
def aFunctionReturningGlobalX2():
return x
def aFunctionReturningGlobalX3():
a = x
return a
def aFunctionReturningLocalX():
x = 'local test'
return x
def aFunctionReturningArgX(x):
return x
x = 'global test'
name = 'mapping-test'
def call(default, arguments, this, label=None):
return (name, default, arguments, this, label)
def functionDefaults(s = "", l = []):
n = len(l)
s = s + "%d" % n
return s, l
class FunctionTest(UnitTest):
def testLambda(self):
f = lambda x: x
self.assertEqual(f(1), 1)
f = lambda x=1: x
self.assertEqual(f(), 1)
self.assertEqual(f(2), 2)
f = lambda x, y: x*y
self.assertEqual(f(2,3), 6)
f = lambda x, y=4: x*y
self.assertEqual(f(2), 8)
h = Handler(5)
f = lambda x: h.handle(x)
f = lambda a, b=1, **kw: (a,b,kw)
v = f(b = 2, c = 3, a = 1)
self.assertEqual(v[0], 1)
self.assertEqual(v[1], 2)
self.assertEqual(v[2]['c'], 3)
f = lambda a, b=1, *args: (a, b, args)
v = f(1,2,3,4)
self.assertEqual(v[2][0], 3)
self.assertEqual(v[2][1], 4)
class ClassWithLambdas1:
f1 = [lambda *args: args[0]]
except:"issue #385 - lambda in class definition")
c = ClassWithLambdas1()
self.assertEqual(c.f1[0](1), 1, 'issue #385 - lambda function called as bound method')
class ClassWithLambdas2:
f2 = lambda *args: args[0]
except:"issue #385 - lambda in class definition")
c = ClassWithLambdas2()
self.assertEqual(c.f2(1), c, 'issue #385 - bound method lambda called as function')
def test_callable(self):
self.assertEqual(Callable()(), 5)
except:"Bug #572 Callable()() __call__ not supported")
"Bug #572 callable(Callable()) __call__ not supported",
def testProcedure(self):
self.assertTrue(aFunctionReturningNone() is None,
"Function should return None")
self.assertTrue(aProcedure() is None,
"Procedures should always return None")
def testVariableFunction(self):
self.assertEqual((aFunctionReturningParam)("foo"), "foo")
self.assertEqual(aFunctionReturningFunction()("foo"), "foo")
def testLookup(self):
expected_result1 = 'global test'
expected_result2 = 'local test'
self.assertEqual(aFunctionReturningGlobalX1(), expected_result1)
self.assertEqual(aFunctionReturningGlobalX2(), expected_result1)
self.assertEqual(aFunctionReturningGlobalX3(), expected_result1)
self.assertEqual(aFunctionReturningLocalX(), expected_result2)
self.assertEqual(aFunctionReturningArgX('test'), 'test')
def testLookupLate(self):
self.assertEqual(late_global, 'late_global')
def local_lookup1():
self.assertEqual(late_local, 'late_local')
self.assertEqual(local_lookup2(), 'late_local')
except NotImplementedError, e:
def local_lookup2():
return late_local
def local_lookup3():
raise NotImplementedError
late_local = 'late_local'
late = imports.enum.Late.getLate()
self.assertEqual(late.value, 'late')
def testNameMapping(self):
r = call(1, 2, this=3, label=4)
self.assertEqual(r[0], 'mapping-test')
self.assertEqual(r[1], 1)
self.assertEqual(r[2], 2)
self.assertEqual(r[3], 3)
self.assertEqual(r[4], 4)
self.assertEqual(Text('foo'), 'Text: foo')
except:"Bug #574: javascript keywords")
def testFactory(self):
Factory2.gregister("passme", PassMeAClass)
Factory2.gregister("exchild", ExampleChildClass)
Factory2.gregister("mscp1", ExampleMultiSuperclassParent1)
pmc = Factory2.ggetObject("passme")
self.assertEqual(, "foo in PassMeAClass")
pmc = Factory2.ggetObject("mscp1", 5)
self.assertEqual(False, True, "Exception indicates bug in compiler: 'Error: uncaught exception: ExampleMultiSuperclassParent1() arguments after ** must be a dictionary 5'")
self.assertEqual(pmc.x, 5)
pmc = Factory2.ggetObject("exchild", 5, 7) # 5 is ignored
self.assertEqual(False, True, "Exception indicates bug in compiler: 'Error: uncaught exception: ExampleChildClass() arguments after ** must be a dictionary 7'")
self.assertEqual(pmc.prop_a, 1)
self.assertEqual(pmc.prop_b, 7)
def testSliceFunc(self):
s = "123 "
s = s[1:].rstrip()
self.assertEqual(s, "23")
def testFunctionDefaults(self):
s, l = functionDefaults()
self.assertEqual(s, '0')
self.assertTrue(l == [0], "First mutable default mismatch")
s, l = functionDefaults()
#self.assertEqual(s, '1') # can be enabled when the next line is fixed
self.assertTrue(l == [0, 1], "Second mutable default mismatch bug #214")
inittest = 1
def f(inittest = inittest):
return inittest
self.assertEqual(f(), inittest)
def testKwargs(self):
def f(**kwargs):
return kwargs
self.assertEqual(f(), {})
self.assertEqual(f(a=1), dict(a=1))
def testFunctionDecorating(self):
log = []
def deco1(f):
def fn(*args, **kwargs):
log.append("deco1 begin")
res = f(*args, **kwargs)
log.append("deco1 end")
return res
return fn
def deco2(f):
def fn(*args, **kwargs):
log.append("deco2 begin")
res = f(*args, **kwargs)
log.append("deco2 end")
return res
return fn
def fn1(a, b = 0):
return a, b
def fn2(a, b = 0):
return a, b
res = fn1(1,2)
self.assertEqual(res[0], 1)
self.assertEqual(res[1], 2)
self.assertEqual(len(log), 2)
self.assertEqual(log[0], "deco1 begin")
self.assertEqual(log[1], "deco1 end")
log = []
res = fn2(a=3)
self.assertEqual(res[0], 3)
self.assertEqual(res[1], 0)
self.assertEqual(len(log), 4)
self.assertEqual(log[0], "deco1 begin")
self.assertEqual(log[1], "deco2 begin")
self.assertEqual(log[2], "deco2 end")
self.assertEqual(log[3], "deco1 end")
def fn3(x):
return "b"
self.assertEqual(fn3("b"), "abc")
def shiftdecorator(si):
def wrapper(fn):
def decorated(*args, **kw):
return fn(*args, **kw) + si
return decorated
return wrapper
def fn4(v):
return v
def fn4d1(v):
return v
def fn4d2(v):
return v
fn4d3 = shiftdecorator(2)(fn4)
self.assertEqual(fn4d1(1), 2)
self.assertEqual(fn4d2(1), 3)
self.assertEqual(fn4d3(1), 3)
def testTopLevelContionalFunction(self):
self.assertEqual(imports.conditional_func(), "overridden")
late_global = 'late_global'
# Text is a reserved javascript word
def Text(x):
return str("Text: %s" % x)