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from UnitTest import UnitTest
class Handler:
def __init__(self, x):
self._x = x
def get_name(self):
return self.__class__.__name__
def aProcedure():
return aProcedure.__name__
class NameTest(UnitTest):
def testClassName(self):
self.assertEqual(Handler.__name__, "Handler")
self.assertEqual(Handler.get_name.__name__, "get_name")
x = Handler(5)
self.assertEqual(x.__class__.__name__, "Handler")
self.assertEqual(x.get_name.__name__, "get_name")
def testProcedureName(self):
self.assertEqual(aProcedure.__name__, "aProcedure")
self.assertEqual(aProcedure(), "aProcedure")
def testModuleName(self):
self.assertEqual(__name__, "NameTest")
def testImportName(self):
import foo as a
self.assertEqual(a.__name__, 'foo')
# This test fails, but even the declaration of foo
#(foo = object()) makes the test above fail too
foo = object()
import foo
self.assertEqual(foo.__name__, 'foo')