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+For developers assisting on pyjamas, a laissez-faire attitude is taken:
+if you want repository access, all you have to do is ask. Follow the
+rules below, and you'll do ok with this multi-project project:
+* break stuff in latest repo, it gets reverted. the prime rule of pyjamas
+ is that the latest repository code MUST work, for production environments
+ to be able to use it.
+* obey PEP8 where it's sensible to do so. there's a program called
+ which automatically checks stuff.
+* pyjamas UI development: follow GWT source code as closely as possible.
+ make use of (in contrib) to do 95% of the conversion work for
+ you. don't just follow the GWT API: do _literally_ "blindly" follow
+ the GWT source code, trusting it pretty much 100%. _don't_ try to
+ second-guess it; _don't_ try to "rework it"; in fact, don't _think_ at
+ all: just "go with the flow". the reason is simple: the GWT team have
+ far more resources than we do, and if you want to re-learn all of the
+ "browser tricks" that they've spent man-decades finding and working
+ around _go ahead_ :)
+ if GWT source doesn't exist: try to find some. if you _really_ can't
+ find anything, then find something that's pretty close to what you want,
+ subclass it if possible, and go from there.
+ also: make DAMN SURE that you are aware of the __browser__, __{engine}__
+ and the platform/* overrides systems BEFORE messing with UI code.
+* before pyjamas UI committing:
+ check as _many_ engines and browsers as you can using as many
+ examples as you can stand, using both --strict _and_ -O for browsers.
+ if you don't have certain engines or browsers, TELL PEOPLE and ask them
+ to test on your behalf. preferably before committing.
+* non-UI-related stuff (compiler-related) make damn sure you run libtest
+ with --strict and with standard; and do consider running
+ under as well (./ --strict). as there's a 64-bit
+ version of libv8, now, that's not as hard as it used to be: pyv8
+ now compiles native on 64-bit.
+* commits must be "single purpose". if you're thinking of using the word
+ "and" in the commit message, STOP and think. see very first rule as
+ to why this is important: i.e. if you break something, the WHOLE commit
+ will be reverted; NO effort will be spent "dividing" the patch, when that
+ should have been done by you in the first place.
+* special version of the above: please _don't_ do major whitespace
+ reorganisations at the same time as coding patches. keep them separate,
+ and commit whitespace patches with a commit message mentioning "whitespace".
+ duh.
+* commit messages must describe the patch not the action being taken!
+ "added this"; "removed this" are NOT ok.
+* commit messages should really include the bugreport number of the issue
+ being fixed. if there isn't a bugreport number, you should consider
+ raising one. it's just good practice.
+* please try to keep discussion of bugs to the bugtracker, but also make
+ sure that the pyjamas-dev list is alerted when a bug is raised. it might
+ not always work out that way, and if it doesn't, that's fine: it's just
+ nice to be able to know what the hell's going on with a particular bug,
+ without having to hunt through the rather obtuse pyjamas-dev google group.
+that's about it. the rest - do what you like! make sure you keep
+people informed, engage them to help do testing.

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