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@@ -106,9 +106,15 @@ System Installation
If you are installing pyjamas system-wide, for use by MORE THAN ONE
-developer of the same multi-user system, run the following command.
-Otherwise DO NOT run, see If you are using Windows,
-you are out of luck and should entirely avoid using
+developer of the same multi-user system, follow the instructions in
+this section. If you are the only person using pyjamas, or you
+intend to have several versions of pyjamas, DO NOT attempt a system-wide
+install. In order to keep the pyjs-specific versions of libraries
+such as the reimplementations of, etc. there are some
+tricky hoops that have to be jumped through. System-wide installs
+should either be done by installing pre-built packages, or done WITH
+EXTREME CARE. So - if you do not know what you are doing, and break your
+system, tough luck: you should have listened.
First, you must use to create suitable ./bin/pyjsbuild
and ./bin/pyjscompile commands. For example:

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