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mention 0.6 bugfixes

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@@ -21,3 +21,20 @@ After the europython merge we have still some things to change.
- evtl. fix spidermonkey runner, but there is a linker that already
uses the js commandline interface from spidermonkey
+From, for 0.6 release:
+49 Defect __pygwt_onBadProperty is not defined
+130 Defect "for child in node['children']" fails
+181 Defect FormPanel doesn't work under pyjd
+182 Defect pyjd hulahop back-end is double-eventing
+154 Defect Multiple notification of a single event
+97 Enhancement ui.Tree Widgets have too much whitespace around their contents
+148 Enhancement implementation of dict, in python
+180 Enhancement any way that the 4th arg to pyjs__bind_method could go in a fn?
+146 ---- pyjsbuild --version reports ancient date
+161 ---- Translator generate code depend on pyjslib before pyjslib
+166 ---- If I use -c from the trunk I get a traceback about md5
+176 ---- -c and --cache-buster options have gone from build

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