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@@ -8,13 +8,9 @@ python-to-javascript compiler, and also a Widget Set API that looks
very similar to Desktop Widget Set APIs (such as PyQT4 or PyGTK2).
Pyjs also contains a Desktop Widget Set version, running as pure
-python, with four useable Desktop ports available. Using web browser
-technology startlingly provides an alternative to traditional
-Widget sets, such as PyQT4 and PyGTK2, with the advantage of having
-full support for HTML, CSS, Plugins and other web-related features
-already built-in. For the windows port, this can save users and
-developers around 30mb of downloads, as MSHTML is preinstalled on
-the Windows Operating System, as part of IE.
+python, with three useable Desktop ports available. With web-engine
+technology at it's core, HTML, CSS, plugins and other related features
+work out-of-the-box.
For more information and documentation, see:
@@ -39,43 +35,28 @@ Pyjs-Desktop
Pyjs runs your python application in a Web Browser (as javascript).
Pyjs-Desktop runs exactly the same python application on the
-Desktop (as pure python).
+Desktop (as pure python). There are currently three engine
+choices, with alternatives in development.
-Release 0.6 of Pyjs incorporated Pyjs-Desktop directly into
-the Pyjs Distribution. To use Pyjs-Desktop there are three choices,
-with more planned [MacOSX PyObjC; KDE's PyKHTML].
-All ports of Pyjs-Desktop will require a JSON library to be
-installed: as there are plenty already, it is counter-productive
-to write yet another one. simplejson is recommended if the version of
-python is 2.5 or less. Python 2.6 and above come with a json library
-installed by default.
+All ports of Pyjs-Desktop require a JSON library: simplejson is
+recommended if the version of python is 2.5 or less. Python 2.6
+and above come with a json library installed by default.
1. XULRunner
- install hulahop and python-xpcom. hulahop, from OLPC SugarLabs,
+ Install hulahop and python-xpcom. Hulahop, from OLPC SugarLabs,
is distributed with both Debian and Ubuntu; python-xpcom is part
of XULRunner and is also distributed with both Debian and Ubuntu.
Other users should investigate the installation instructions for
python-xpcom and hulahop for the operating system of their choice
on the appropriate web sites.
- Sadly, modifications made by the Mozilla team to the xulrunner API
- have not propagated through to python-xpcom due to lack of attention
- and support by the Mozilla team. Older versions of XULRunner must be
- used: versions 1.9.0 or 1.9.1 are known to be suitable, as is version
- 9.0. Versions 10 and above are known to segfault. The Mozilla
- Foundation is NOT paying attention to the stability of xulrunner for
- embedded purposes: many applications (not just pyjs-desktop) are
- now being left without working, stable code.
+ Older versions of XULRunner must be used: versions 1.9.0 or 1.9.1 are
+ known to be suitable, as is version 9.0. Versions 10 and above are
+ known to segfault.
2. PyWebKitGtk
- There are two versions of PyWebKitGTK: please do not use the older
- version which has been "taken over" by the Webkit team: the Webkit
- team have decided that full support of and direct-equivalent
- interoperability with the full W3C HTML specifications is not important.
The version of pywebkitgtk at
provides full and direct python-equivalent interoperability for all functions
for which access through javascript has been provided: thus, Pyjs
@@ -117,43 +98,3 @@ installed by default.
of anything up to 30mb in size, the MSHTML port literally requires
nothing more than comtypes, thanks to the far-sighted design of the
MSHTML Trident Engine and its extensive COM interface.
-5. PyQt4
- Kindly contributed by Thomas Henning, the PyQT4 port requires a current
- PyQt-snapshot with Qt 4.6 (which includes QWebElement, a DOM-like API for
- WebKit).
- The PyQt4 engine is highly experimental, and requires a configuration file
- to explicitly enable it. create a $HOME/.pyjd/pyjdrc file containing the
- following two lines:
- [gui]
- engine=pyqt4
- Sadly, the PyQT4 port serves more as a demonstration of how never to access
- web browser DOM functionality from python (ever). The reason is simple:
- to access all but about 1% of the available DOM functionality, javascript
- code snippets must be created on-the-fly and executed, and all incoming and
- outgoing data must be dynamically translated between python and javascript
- (as Qt4 objects).
- Aside from providing truly dreadful performance, this technical approach
- should have you either in hysterics, throwing up or requiring counselling,
- depending on your resilience and constitution. All is not lost: if funding
- is made available, the PythonWebkit project can, with very little actual
- coding required, be ported to Qt4, as the GNU PythonWebkit Project has been
- designed to provide python access to DOM functionality, independent of the
- actual GUI display engine being used.
-6. PyKDE
- The PyKDE engine has been done as a "thank you" to the KDE Team, without
- whom Webkit would not exist. Sadly, though, for technical reasons, the PyKDE
- engine requires that the entire KHTML Part be compiled with c++ "rtti" enabled,
- and the majority of GNU/Linux Distributions explicitly disable RTTI due to
- it having an impact on performance.
- If this is ever fixed, then out of sheer nostalgia and bloody-mindedness, the
- PyKDE engine will have continued support, even though the KHTML engine is only
- DOM TR2 compliant (at present).

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