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Current Release: 0.6
-A third alpha release is being done due to the large number of contributions:
-over 125 items are in the CHANGELOG since the 0.5p1 stable release.
-The TODO list is now officially cleared: this is likely to be the last
-prerelease. Thank you to everyone who's helped highlight issues.
+With over 140 items in the CHANGELOG since the 0.5p1 stable release,
+Pyjamas 0.6 is finally out. Thank you to everyone who's helped
+highlight issues.
Pyjamas is a port of Google Web Toolkit to Python, and thus enables
-the development of AJAX applications in Python.
+the development of Rich Media AJAX applications in Python, with no
+need for special browser plugins. Pyjamas contains a stand-alone
+python-to-javascript compiler, and also a Widget Set API that looks
+very similar to Desktop Widget Set APIs (such as PyQT4 or PyGTK2).
For more information, see:
+Known bugs:
+ #227, #228, #229, #230 and #232
-Pyjamas runs your application in a Web Browser (as javascript); Pyjamas-Desktop
+Pyjamas runs your application in a Web Browser (as javascript);Pyjamas-Desktop
runs exactly the same python application on the Desktop (as python)
Release 0.6 of Pyjamas also incorporates Pyjamas-Desktop directly into
the Pyjamas Distribution. To use Pyjamas-Desktop there are three choices,
-with more planned (MacOSX PyObjC; KDE's PyKHTML).
+with more planned [MacOSX PyObjC; KDE's PyKHTML].
1) - Gecko / XulRunner
@@ -52,10 +59,13 @@ Detailed build instructions are available on
For Windows users, all that's required, other than installing python
and Internet Explorer, is one further packages: Win32 "comtypes".
-It can be downloaded here:
+Win32 "comtypes" can be downloaded here:
-The MSHTML version primarily works, but the differences between IE and
-other browser engines are shining through, load and clear! Reports
-using IE8 would be appreciated.
+The MSHTML version primarily works. Reports using IE8's MSHTML
+engine would be appreciated.
+Known bugs: the use of Tab to cycle through Keyboard Focus elements
+ is ineffective; onkeyup and onkeydown events are unresponsive,
+ but oddly onkeypress event handling works.
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is a port of
<a href="">Google Web
Toolkit</a> to Python.
-(<a href="">Download Pyjamas 0.5p1</a>). Read the <a href="./FAQ.html">FAQ</a> and the
+(<a href="">Download Pyjamas 0.6</a>). Read the <a href="./FAQ.html">FAQ</a> and the
list of <a href="./features.html">Features</a>.
<h2> What is <span style="color: rgb(102, 0, 153);">pyjamas</span>?</h2>
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Pyjamas can be downloaded from sourceforge,
<a href="">here</a>.
-The current release is 0.5. Latest source code in development
+The current release is 0.6. Latest source code in development
is available from sourceforge subversion,
<a href="">here</a>.

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