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@@ -9,6 +9,16 @@ rules below, and you'll do ok with this multi-project project:
* obey PEP8 where it's sensible to do so. there's a program called
which automatically checks stuff.
+* please add yourself to copyright and CREDITS. if kindly committing someone
+ else's patch, please add them rather than yourself, of course.
+ this is IMPORTANT. the copyright file is crucial for the acceptance of
+ pyjamas into debian: each and EVERY single copyright holder MUST be
+ recorded. please note that the copyright file is in the format specified
+ by debian DEP5 (which is pretty blindingly obvious, but just... please bear
+ it in mind that the copyright file is in a machine-readable
+ standards-compliant format)
* pyjamas UI development: follow GWT source code as closely as possible.
make use of (in contrib) to do 95% of the conversion work for
you. don't just follow the GWT API: do _literally_ "blindly" follow
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