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This isn't a bug. It belongs on the mailing list.

The first problem is I (russell-pyjs AT can't join the mailing list. Initially this was because a configuration error on my end, but my end is working now and I don't get a response from

I am using pyjamas on Debian (0.7 is the most recent version on Debian), and was going through the tutorial in the manual. At one point the manuals says to run "python ../../pyjs/". There is no in the debian packages. I thought that might be because I was looking at the 0.8 doco and using 0.7. Turn out there is no in the 0.8 tar ball either, so I was barking up the wrong tree. Anyway, I didn't know that, so ...

The first question I wanted to ask on the mailing list was about the status of pyjamas-0.8alpha1.tar.bz2. 0.7 is the version of pyjamas available on debian. I am an Debian Maintainer, so I thought a solution to the doco problem would be to package 0.8, it being the current stable version. But there is no pyjamas-0.8.tar.bz2. Clicking on even pyjamas-0.8 on source forge takes you to pyjamas-0.8aplha1.tar.bz2. Is pyjamas-0.8alpha1.tar.bz2 the stable version?

Packaging 0.8alpha1 went OK for a while, until I hit the documentation. The README.txt in the tar ball is for 0.7. I patched over that, then noticed all the pages in the documentation are stamped with 0.7 as well. I decided to ignore that, but then realised the API documentation wasn't built (the file the /api link doesn't exist), and I don't have a clue how to build it. This seems like it would be important as the reason I was looking at 0.8 is the documentation didn't work too well in the debian package of 0.7, which is why I used the web site, and mismatches between the web site doco and 0.7 is why I was trying to package 0.8. In the end I put this down to 0.8alpha1 being alpha code, and gave up. Is there an up to date tar ball for 0.8, where the doco matches the source?

Back onto 0.7 now, and having done a few examples I decided to run them in pyjamas-desktop, as the manual emphasises using pyjamas-desktop as a debugging tool. The README.txt debian installs for pyjamas-desktop sends you to, which says it was superseded by as of 0.6. Anyway I couldn't find any documentation on python-desktop on

That aside, the instructions in the README.txt say "install hulahop and python-xpcom" which I have done. But having done that, it doesn't say anymore, and in particular it is silent on how to run a pyjamas app under pyjamas-desktop. A simple "python" gives the expected "ImportError: No module named pyjamas". Some wiki howto say to run pyjd, but the debian pyjamas-desktop package doesn't install executables, and in particular there is no pyjd executable. I am at a bit of a loss as to what else to try. Can you give me a clue?

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pyjsorg commented Apr 29, 2012

From on April 28, 2012 02:09:12:
there's a lot here, and this is not the best place to answer because there's no "inline reply" on i'll do my best to answer.

packaging's already been done for pyjd on debian, by myself, and uploaded by

yes 0.8alpha1 is the latest version, do not package anything else.

don't "patch" anything, please send me the patches, or better yet send me an ssh public key. i can't stand having separate debian packaging differences, it drives me up the wall.

also talk to because he has been using git-buildpackage and maintains a repository with the usual debian/ branch containing just the debian/* packaging, you know the drill i'm sure.

no there are no executables - pyjamas is pure python. you do "python" and if you look at the top of examples/helloworld/ it does "import pyjd". that's enough.

pyjamas desktop is not "just a debugging tool", i don't actually run anything other than pyjamas desktop applications because the extra steps required are a pain.

a grep of 0.7 in all source of 0.8alpha1 returns nothing so i don't know what you're referring to there.

the web site is the documentation, the documentation is the web site. there is no difference between the two, because the source code for the web site is in the pyjamas repository, and is in fact a pyjamas application.

the mozilla team fucked up on xulrunner and dropped the ball on hulahop and python-xpcom: even the OLPC team are extremely pissed off with the mozilla foundation and have DROPPED ENTIRELY the use of ALL mozilla foundation technology not only from OLPC but also from their personal machines.

so you'll need to use SPECIFICALLY xulrunner 9.0 which means reviving xulrunner 9 from the debian mozilla git package archives, patching hulahop and python-xpcom to specifically use that version, perhaps even going so far as to rename xulrunner-9.0 to xulrunner-specifically-for-pyjamas-desktop-so-that-it-doesnt-clash-with-the-stupid-mistakes-made-by-the-mozilla-team-9.0 nd then modifying hulahop's "Depends:" to "xulrunner-specifically-for-pyjamas-desktop-so-that-it-doesnt-clash-with-the-stupid-mistakes-made-by-the-mozilla-team-9.0" and so on.

a big job in other words.

better yet would be to help package pythonwebkit i've done the packaging already, it just needs a maintainer to run it, check it and upload it.

apparently you're in the "confirming subscribe" state:

mysql> select * from librelist_userstate where librelist_userstate.from_address LIKE "%stuart%";
| from_address | state | state_key | created_on | authstate | id |
| | CONFIRMING_SUBSCRIBE | app.handlers.admin:pyjamasdev | 2012-04-23 08:59:08 | | 3776 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select * from librelist_confirmation where librelist_confirmation.from_address LIKE "%stuart%";
| from_address | request_date | expected_secret | pending_message_id | list_name | id |
| | 2012-04-23 08:59:08 | 169d8b4cd1ce46a7b82ad1f258f9bcb3 | | pyjamasdev | 2975 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

lamson is very fussy (for good reasons): you have to subscribe with the exact same "from" address. if you find the original subscribe message and reply to it you should find it still works. if i recall correctly you just reply to "pyjamasdev-subscribe-{insertsecretabove} something like that. if you get really stuck i can run a mysql DELETE and you can start again.

i could change that to "POSTING" but then you'd not know if it works for you, and if you wanted to unsubscribe it would be a pain.

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