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Internal compiler fails on set literals #102

pyjsorg opened this Issue Apr 27, 2012 · 3 comments

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pyjsorg commented Apr 27, 2012

compiler.transformer fails to parse set literals (python 2.7 syntax)

Should check pgen/grammar2x.txt against

Original issue: (June 26, 2011 08:17:31)

pyjsorg commented Apr 27, 2012

From on June 27, 2011 13:08:13:
Added compiler/parser support in;a=commit;h=4d47de488ce99d81a15e7258c391deaf35f1bb1a;a=commit;h=4d474fcb80c05b083a3b64ac2e19c282e8d6ded6;a=commit;h=9fef70a785c85a6b4cb1c7f166242f404f4c6c18

Translator still lacks set literals and set/dict comprehension support.

Implementing tests for this is tricky, as it will trigger SyntaxError for CPython < 2.7, maybe add it in separate

pyjsorg commented Apr 27, 2012

From on June 30, 2011 05:25:54:
Implemented translator part of set literals in 519c5bb

pyjsorg commented Apr 27, 2012

From on June 30, 2011 15:15:08:
Set/dict comprehensions are implemented as well, and added tests for all 3 things.

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