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pyjsorg commented Apr 27, 2012

ERROR ...... tested with errors
COMMENT .... iPad specific comment

All others are either OK or don't show up on my system (e.g. pywebgtkbuilder, flowplayer, gaedjangononrelpuremvcblog)

== addonsgallery ==
COMMENT: Tooltip: works, but difficult to trigger
ERROR: AutoComplete: shows a single-line combobox only (top entry only, e.g. "Beige" for "b"); when clicking/pointing on combobox it pops up, selects first entry and closes automatically

== ajaxlibtest ==
ERROR?/COMMENT: works, but shows "Click me" button only after first time popup.

== asteroids ==
COMMENT: Works (asteroids moving slowly), but iPad has not (arrow) keys for testing! :-)

== browserdetect ==
COMMENT: "Safari" is detected (same as Chrome, btw); shouldn't we detect a tablet device [too]?

== canvasprocessing ==
ERROR: CanvasProcessing TypeError: Result of expression 'curElement.getContext' [undefined] is not a function.

== controls ==
ERROR: all controls open on-screen keyboard and show a blinking cursor, dragging not possible (should be possible with two-finger touch)

== dnd ==
COMMENT/ERROR: not possible to pick up (drag) an element with iPad gestures

== employeeadmin ==
ERROR: Roles listbox is single-line only (behaves like a combobox), not possible to select a value from active Roles (therefore "Remove" button can't be tested), combobox with All Roles doesn't allow selecting a value (therfore "Add" button can't be tested), Department combobox doesn's allow selecting a valie ("Add User" button stays grayed out, can't be tested)

== flowpanel ==
COMMENT: Cannot be tested (no window resizing possible, don't know of any iPad suitable gesture)

== gcharttestapp ==
ERROR: Pie chart: reacts on on click (shows percentage), but properties popup isn't shown
ERROR/COMMENT: Curve: panning doesn't work (double-finger iPad gesture doesn't work), difficult to select a curve's point/node
COMMENT/ERROR: can't select an unclipped point in order to show full circle (iPad gesture available?)

== Google Maps Example ==
(not [yet] tested)

== hangman ==
COMMENT: works fine, but last letter(s) or leg appear only after alert window is dismissed
(same with helloworld, helloworldsplash, etc. by the way)

== infohierarchy ==
ERROR: collapsing (closing) panels and reopening them shows an empty panel - sometimes!

== kitchensink ==
ERROR/COMMENT: Lists: Selected items of multiselect ListBox are not displayed when selected; ListBox behaves like a combobox (single-line), but multiselect capability is there!
ERROR: Text: "select all" doesn't work (also, when selecting - of course using iPad built-in functionality - the selection values don't update)

== libtest ==
StringIOModuleTest Test failed (test_print/3) : '' != 'hi '

(continue from "mail"; all above done - except "Google Maps Example")

Original issue: http://code.google.com/p/pyjamas/issues/detail?id=613 (May 06, 2011 15:56:02)


pyjsorg commented Apr 27, 2012

From peter.bi...@gmail.com on May 09, 2011 21:24:01:
== Google Maps Example ==
ERROR: DirectionsSimple example doesn't show route (though some request/network traffic is obviously triggered) Note: same behaviour seen with FF and Chrome (PC/Linux)


pyjsorg commented Apr 27, 2012

From pe...@bittner.it on May 13, 2011 21:22:29:
== shell ==
ERROR: shows crippled second window (not sure what it should do)

== showcase ==
ERROR: Content in detail pane not scrollable (no scrollbars show up)

== splitpanel ==
ERROR: no gesture known to move split panel; panel content can be moved using two-finger-scroll, but no scrollbars show up

== toggle ==
ERROR: clicking on a toggle button makes the on-screen keyboard appear


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