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  1. Assume the distro location is <Distro> = "D:/Data_Python25_Dist"
  2. Copy the extracting PyJamas source (except the examples, because it's large and we don't need it) to the distro location. In the case below, all the PyJamas source files are stored in "<Distro>/PyJamas_07"
  3. Create in the distro an html output location, for the necessary html-related files. In the case below this is "<Distro>/html_out" 4.copy a few necessary files (get them from a location where you previous build a pyjd application) to the html output location. In the case below, this are just 2 files: "beer.html" and "default_pyjamas.css" 5.copy a modified init-file ( in the case below, this is "") as the init-file in <Distro>/pyjd (This path will be filled by Py2exe, with pyc files, so it's allowed to do it before the build process takes place.

Original issue: (November 25, 2010 20:27:17)

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