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pyjamas examples : Tabelle1
pyjamas 0.7 examples local use only
directory works? runs locally comment IE8 FF3.6.3
addonsgallery ok ok
ajaxlibtest ok ok
browserdetect ok replace IE6 bei IE IE6 detected. This
is the IE6 version of the application Mozilla detected. This is the
mozilla version of the application
canvasprocessing partially ok CanvasProcessing
TypeError: Das Objekt unterstützt diese Eigenschaft nicht (object doesnt
support attribute) ok
clickablerootpanel ok ok ok
controls broken JavaScript "ControlDemo
UndefinedValueError: obj" JavaScript "ControlDemo
UndefinedValueError: obj"
datefield ok ok
datetime empty
djangotasks not tested
djangowanted not tested
djangoweb not tested
dnd not tested still a fragment
dynamictable unknown No readme. Needs server code? not tested
Failed to access data: {'code': -32603, 'message': 'Empty Response',
'data': null}
employeeadmin not tested needs puremvc
flowpanel ok ok
flowplayer not tested needs flowplayer.swf
formpanel ok Submit results in JavaScript
Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code:
[nsIDOMHTMLFormElement.submit]" nsresult: "0x80520001
0.7/examples/formpanel/output/FormPanelExample.mozilla.cache.html ::
anonymous :: line 18813" data: no] at line number 0. Please inform
gcharttestapp mostly ok ok 5th chart is ugly paints all
charts into the space of the first chart. ok
gears broken TypeError: geradsDemo.ex is
getattr ok
gmaps not tested
gridedit defect Edit field outside of grid
Edit field outside of grid
gridtest ok ok
gwtcanvas ok ok
helloworld ok ok
infohierarchy not tested needs simplejson
jsimport ok
jsobject unknown empty output
kitchensink ok
libtest some failures expected?
lightout broken already corrected in svn
TypeError: ligntout.RootPanel().get ist not a function
mail ok Nice, but rudimentry. Not shure what to expect. No
maparea ok
onclicktest ok
pywebgtkbuilder not tested needs gtk
raphael ok
scoping unknown no output, no readme no output
shell defect creates overlapping windows, but
isn't able to load GridTest or Widgets
showcase ok
simplewiki not tested needs webpy/pymongo
slideshow broken unable to load slides,
"JavaScript Error: arguments[0] is undefined at line number 442. Please
inform webmaster. "
splitpanel ok
svgtest defect JavaScript Error: e is undefined at
line number 1410. Please inform webmaster.
swfupload doesn't compile after pression any
of the buttons.
tabpanelwidget ok
timesheet not tested needs puremvc
toggle ok
uitest partially needs puremvc runs three test blocks successfully
widgets partially clock widget cropped at the bottom
Widgets TypeError: object doesnt support property or attribute (transl.
from german) ok
xmldoc unknown unkown XMLload RuntimeError: Invalid call to
asyncPost: handler is not a valid request handler XMLload
RuntimeError: Invalid call to asyncPost: handler is not a valid request
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