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Add default stylesheet to simplify Pyjamas development #615

pyjsorg opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Many of the Pyjamas widgets rely on stylesheet definitions in order to be
usable. For example, the default behaviour of ui.MenuBar is basically
unusable unless you define your own stylesheet definitions.

This requirement to define stylesheets can be quite confusing for a new
programmer, who expects the various widgets to "just work". Would it be
feasible / worthwhile writing a default stylesheet which can be
automatically included in the built application so that the various widgets
work correctly from the outset? If such a stylesheet was added, we would
have to be careful to ensure that the default stylesheet is only acting as
a default, and should be easily disabled or overwritten by the developer if
they wish to use their own stylesheet definitions instead.

Original issue: (November 19, 2008 22:51:15)


From on July 10, 2009 20:52:56:
yehhhs.... it would go alongside the default HTML which is built at the moment.
but, i cannot think of how that would work with pyjd, unless pyjd actually
creates the files as part of the startup (pyjd.setup()) !

which would be... bad?


From on June 26, 2010 12:58:52:
ok there's a new example cssmesser which includes some dynamic css stylesheet changing

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Daniel Kluev Implemented from ... import *, issue #615 b3424c5
@pyjsorg pyjsorg referenced this issue from a commit
Daniel Kluev Tests for from ... import *, issue #615 ef3c0e4
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