ui.Tree Widgets have too much whitespace around their contents #619

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pyjsorg commented Apr 27, 2012

If you create a ui.Tree widget, by default there is a lot of whitespace
around the items within the tree. A simple fix is to set the cellSpacing
and cellPadding for each of the widget's TreeItems, like this:

DOM.setAttribute(item.itemTable, "cellPadding", "0")
DOM.setAttribute(item.itemTable, "cellSpacing", "1")

The above makes the ui.Tree look much better. Ideally, however, we would
add a setSpacing() method to ui.Tree that makes the above calls for each
item as it is added to the tree. This would let the programmer set
whatever spacing they desire, rather than having to do it for each item

Original issue: http://code.google.com/p/pyjamas/issues/detail?id=97 (November 19, 2008 22:34:06)

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