two floating point formatting bugs #71

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I have found several minor but annoying bugs in floating point formatting with the % operator.

  1. Does not accept the %9.f format string with no digit after the period.
    (gives ValueError: unsupported format character '.' (0x2e) at index 7)

  2. For at least some input numbers, %9.3g throws an exception: TypeError: param.toExponential().toPrecision is not a function

Testcase is attached, throws exceptions as described using the latest GIT from sourceforge 10/12/2011. Test browser = Firefox 3.6.22 (Fedora 14), with and without "-d" compile option.

Original issue: (October 12, 2011 16:34:48)


From on February 05, 2012 16:36:38:
hmm, could you please morph these into LibTest examples, referencing the bugreport number "issue #652" in the assert message?

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