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Comtypes installer fails: "No Python installation .. in registry" #753

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o/s: windows 7 - 64bit
python version: python 2.7.3
windows comtypes installer: comtypes-0.6.2.win32.exe

The comtypes installer just gives me "No Python installation found in the registry". I have
added both python and pyjs to the windows $env:path as C:\Python27;C:\Pyjamas\bin. Python27
works fine. Tkinter works well.

Temporary solution(This may work for you, with luck):

If when installing python with the window installer you selected to "Install for all users", then
uninstall python. Then reinstall and select "Install for me only".

Apparently, there are many python add-on, of which the comtypes installer for pyjs is one, that do not search the windows registry for the "all users" programs entries.


Many thanks, you saved my day. I hope this bug will be fixed soon.


Another option would be to use easy_install, which you can pass an exe to:
easy_install comtypes-0.6.2.win32.exe

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