Added basic multiprocessing to pyjscompressor #766

merged 1 commit into from Jul 30, 2012

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Pull request 2 of 2 for changes :)

This implements multiprocessing (and forces it if possible).

Commandline option to change this.. in a later request :)

Polyglot Pythonistas member

@happyalu, LGTM, thanks!

before you make your next request, be sure to update your github repo, eg. i already added you to the credits ;-)

i usually clone the upstream repo (so upstream is set to origin), then add a new remote for my personal repo:

git clone
cd pyjs
git remote add happyalu
# do some work, and commit to feature/my-new-stuff
git push happyalu feature/my-new-stuff

... with this setup, whenever you git pull you sync with upstream, and whenever you git push happyalu you sync the master branch of your Github repo. this ensures you are always starting branches from the latest code (vs some arbitrary time in the past when you first forked).

@anthonyrisinger anthonyrisinger merged commit 4d72d60 into pyjs:master Jul 30, 2012

@xtfxme Thanks!!

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