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"Pyjamas Space Game" is Copyright 2009 Joe Rumsey (joe@rumsey.org)
Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License, see COPYING for details

Version 0.1

Main link: http://rumsey.org/space/Space.html

This is just a quickie project I wrote in about a day to test out
Pyjamas.  The test was a success, it's 300 lines of code for all the
basic Asteroids gameplay.  Who needs Flash any more, right?

To build it, you need these things installed:
 o Pyjamas
 o SCons
 o ImageMagick

If those requirements are met, then you need to first edit the
SConstruct file to point to the locations of Pyjamas and ImageMagick's
convert program.  Once you've done that, just run scons in this
directory and if all goes well, the output directory will contain the
final HTML+js+images+etc.  You can load it locally by opening

I am building and testing on Mac OS 10.6.

== Issues ==

IE doesn't have (native) support for canvas, so it's slow on IE.

pyjd-hulahop doesn't support canvas images correctly, so it doesn't work.