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Latest commit d5106a2 Jun 22, 2012 C Anthony Risinger [examples] Remove long deprecated scripts
Their presence is confusing to everyone, and they don't build appropriately
anyway. Should anything break, the proper fix is to correct and/or add the
relevant script ... not use one of these.
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BrowserDetect.html some compatibility fixes Jul 8, 2009 rename browser detects Feb 4, 2012 Added support for pyjd in browser detect example Apr 15, 2011
README Fixed navigate example for IE by placing the listbox in a HorizontalP… Apr 27, 2011


== Issues==

The browser detect example ( is here to show how the
overloading of class methods works. This is slightly different for pyjd 
compared to pyjs. For pyjd you should start, otherwise
the import system of pyjd will not be invoked.
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