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Latest commit d5106a2 Jun 22, 2012 C Anthony Risinger [examples] Remove long deprecated scripts
Their presence is confusing to everyone, and they don't build appropriately
anyway. Should anything break, the proper fix is to correct and/or add the
relevant script ... not use one of these.
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README Added two READMEs for examples Apr 28, 2011


== Issues ==

Fails on pyjd-hulahop

Different behavior in 'Using drag feedback images':
FF3.6 - Canvas triangle becomes a browser default image on drop zone
Chrome - All drags become a browser default image until dropped
Opera11 - dragged elements shrink to fit around text on dragging

Using data transfer content types
Chrome - Text / HTML / URI only shows 'URL' content: http://pyjs-dev/examples/dnd/output/pyjamas.png
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