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These are unit tests for the pyjamas libraries.  Compile them as usual
with ./


The tests can _also_ be executed using standard python:


Priority should be given to getting the test correct using standard
python.  For example, at the time of writing, when the ability to run with standard python was added, four basic tests failed:

    <b>String Test failed (testSplit) : </b>' this is  a rather long string  ' 
                                            != ' this is  a rather long string '
    <b>List Test failed (testSortCmp) : </b>assertion failed
    <b>Attribute Test failed (testSetAttr) : </b>2 != 1
    <b>Dict Test failed (testStringKeys) : </b>"'notthere'" != 
                                                'KeyError: notthere'

Yet - these tests are successful in pyjamas!

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