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This is a demo of an asynchronous, non-Flash upload widget with progress reporting. Tested with FF >=4 and Chromium so far. Makes no sense with pyjd.

To build, first read the top-level README (run boostrap and buildout)

Then, run ./ or:


If using Apache or similar, make a symlink so output/Upload.html is hosted by a 
webserver and then open with a web browser.

For this to work properly, you will need a receiving service; an example wsgi 
script is provided in public/services but it is absolutely minimal and requires 
mod_wsgi or equivalent. If you use mod_wsgi, you can configure the service with
a one-liner in wsgi.conf, ala:

        WSGIScriptAlias /pyjamas_upload_demo /usr/share/pyjamas/examples/uploader/public/services/upload.wsgi
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