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Welcome to the Pyjs Wiki

The main Pyjs site is at: http://pyjs.org

If you create a new page, please place the link in this table of contents.

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Installing pyjs

Getting Started
on Windows (and Pyjamas Desktop)
on Ubuntu
Pyjamas Desktop on Ubuntu with WebKit
Pyjamas Desktop on Mac OS X with WebKitGTK+(work in progress)
Use Eclipse with Pyjs: guide 1, guide 2

Learn how to use pyjs

Event Handling
Adjust your python code to work in pyjamas

Good ideas when using Pyjs

Build your UI with a Model-View-Controller structure
How to reset CSS values to sane defaults
Handle Cross-site XMLHttpRequest with CORS

Pyjs Cookbook (Use pyjs with)

bobo (web app framework)
cherryPy (minimalist OO framework)
cherryPy (alternative approach)
django and django forms
flask (or other pocoo projects)
Google app engine
Kay python framework
Mongrel 2 (app-oriented webserver)
python services using apache mod_python
twisted (networking app engine)
web.py or Google App Engine
webob (WSGI wrapper)

Including External Libraries



printing from pyjamas
mouseHandler bug on firefox
using pyjamas in an existing project
cannot read property __track_lines__

Pyjamas Development

git how-to (for any and all users)
Interested in setting up a bounty?
Pyjama's Relation to Pyjama's desktop
GWT Widget Availability in pyjamas

Special Projects

Google Summer of Code