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@bittner bittner fixed link to pyjamasubuntuwebkit 78a3a24
@dec0dedab0de dec0dedab0de Updated pyjamasubuntu (mediawiki) d854816
@dec0dedab0de dec0dedab0de the toc start level thing did nothing in any of the edit modes. 42d69e2
@dec0dedab0de dec0dedab0de The quickest way to get this to be readable was to switch it to media wiki and replace all of the {{{ ... }}} tags with <code> ... </code> 090429a
@dec0dedab0de dec0dedab0de changed 'output' to 'public' to match current behavior. 408e153
@dec0dedab0de dec0dedab0de Updated pyjamasubuntu (creole => mediawiki) 93739ee
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